Real Service from an Expert Custom Builder


Your Home Your Way
We design and draw in 3D CAD each home based on your requirements and budget. All plans are reviewed, signed and sealed by an outside Professional Structural Engineer. By drawing in 3D you can see your unbuilt home like a photograph – much more realist than a drafting sketch or a flat elevation.

Custom Doesn't Have To Cost More
Why? Because we have very very low overhead. We only build a few homes at a time, so No salespeople to pay, No superintendents to pay, No Job trailers to rent, etc. When it comes to purchasing materials or subcontractor costs, there really aren’t any economies of scale – so you get the benefits of a home design exactly for you and a reasonable cost.

Free Preliminary Design
We’re a Design/Build firm and our President Steve draws all of the homes that we build (He has been doing that for over 30 years). That means that we aren’t paying an outside draftsman to create your preliminary and therefore, we don’t have to charge you. Plus, the fewer people involve in designing your home, the less chance for miscommunication or misinterpretation. We encourage you change the preliminary drawings until you know they represent the home that you want. We will never pressure you to accept a design you don’t want or charge your for changes.

Details, Details, Details
Our staff includes a licensed experienced interior designer who will help you make all of your color choices and selections. Her services are included with all of our homes. Lots of things have to be coordinated and she really knows how to do that.

Our Reputation = Better Resale Value
We have been told by several past clients that when it became time to sell their home, their Realtors told prospects that it was “A Cornerstone home”.

Daily On Site Supervision
We schedule and oversee our subs and suppliers closely so that mistakes are minimized and rectified before they the become a permanent feature of your home. 

Difficult Lot?
We have years and years of experience in building homes on some very challenging lots, water front, environmentally sensitive, setback issues and zoning issues. We’re experts on difficult lots.